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FTI Cornwall Phonebook

Over 500 restaurants, Take Aways & Pubs in Cornwall, have their own FTI-Phonebook web page.

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  • full contact details & web site link.
  • Upload images/text live to your FTI page.
  • Free listing in online FTI-Phonebook.
  • Free listing in paper FTI-Phonebook.
  • Free live text message service.
  • Live comments by text to your FTI page.
  • Real-time text voting on your business.
FTI-Cornwall Phonebook

FTI-Phonebook web pages.

If your land line number is: 01637 876028
the FTI-Phonebook page is -

To edit the text and upload images to your FTI-Phonebook page - log in to your admin page by clicking the link at the bottom of your FTI-Phonebook web page.  You can edit your web page text, add images and update your live text message.


FTI Cornwall Phonebook

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With the FTI-Phonebook in their hand people can interact with your business using their mobile phone.

The paper version of the FTI Cornwall-Phonebook lists over 500 phone numbers for restaurants, pubs, cafes and take aways in Cornwall, each with their own live text message services and web page.

People now have the option to 'text' your phone number for information about your business; to vote and to send live comments to your FTI-Phonebook web page. The paper version of the FTI-Phonebook will be distributed throughout Cornwall reaching tens of thousands of people.
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- featured adverts cost from £10 per 1,000.

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The FTI-Phonebook is printed as an FTI Folder - More..

1. To receive a general info text about a business,text the following to 60030

fti  phonenumber

e.g.  fti  01637123456
(Leave a space after fti - no spaces in phone number).

A text message is returned back to the mobile phone with details about the business. Your message can be edited in the FTI-Phonebook web page admin panel.

2. To post comments to FTI-Phonebook web pages, text the following to 60030

fti  phonenumberC  your-comments

e.g. fti  01637123456c  Excellent night, food was great, service even better.. etc.

(Phone number with a 'C' on the end followed by a space then your comments).

The message will appear live on the FTI-Phonebook web page for the phone number. The five latest text comments are displayed.

3. To see the latest votes on a phone number text the following to 60030

fti   phonenumberV 

e.g.  fti  01637123456v

(phone number with a 'V' on the end)

A text message will be returned that show the top three vote figures for that phone number. That means that your 'D' votes will never show if there are more votes for A, B or C.

4. To cast a one off vote on a phone number text the following to 60030

fti  phonenumberV  followed by A, B, C or D

e.g.  fti  01637123456v  B
(phone number with a 'V' on the end then a space then either A, B, C or D as your vote.

(You can only vote once on each phone number in the FTI-Phonebook)

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